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10 Reasons To Grow This Common Herb

Mouth ulcers, skin inflammation, indigestion, blood sugar problems, allergies, menstrual issues, high cholesterol, eye problems, and diarrhea all have something in common, and it’s not just that they’re things that you don’t want to have.

These are all problems that can be treated with an herb known as coriander, which is also known as cilantro and dhania. It’s primary function is as a garnish because the odor it gives off helps to embellish the scent of the dish it is accompanying, and it’s delicate leaves instantly boosts the aesthetic value of whatever it’s on.

How to Infuse Your Own Water – Complete Guide & Recipes

Everybody knows the many health benefits of drinking enough water, but sometimes plain water gets boring. Then, it’s time to spice things up a bit by drinking infused water. Infused water is not only delicious, but it also helps add nutrients to you water, making it even more healthy for you. Although you can by flavored water in nearly any store, they’re often loaded with sugars and other additives. Instead, infuse your own water to save money and improve your health.

How to Preserve Your Garden’s Harvest Quickly and Easily

A long-standing fall tradition is the harvesting and preserving of the harvest that will allow foods to be used throughout the winter months. However, this used to be an extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming process performed every year by our ancestors. Now, we have a number of modern preservation techniques that will allow you to quickly and easily store your garden treasures for future use.…

New Record Set by Feeding America Mobile Food Pantry

Negaunee High School recently hosted a Feeding America Mobile Food Pantry event in which they had an overwhelming turnout. There was 21,000 pounds of food available, about 15,000 of which was fresh produce.…

Get a Longer Growing Season by Using Cold Frames

You probably believe like most gardeners that the growing season is determined by the last frost of spring and the first frost of fall.

Simply, the truth is that you can easily expand both ends of your growing season by up to a month by implementing cold frames. In fact, there are some climates in which cold frames allow gardeners to continue to plant and harvest all the way through the winter. It can also help you acclimate young pepper and tomato seedlings to outdoor conditions.

How to Grow Asparagus in a Container

Although you won’t be able to get the same abundant harvest if you planted in an outdoor garden area, it is possible to grow asparagus in containers if you are patient and attentive to your plants. Asparagus needs large amounts of fertile earth to produce in high quantities, but can still produce a nice modestly-sized harvest with container gardening.

7 Fruits and Vegetables that You Can Grow in an Apartment

Don’t settle for a few herbs in your windowsill when you can have these seven crops that thrive in container gardens that you can have right in your apartment!

1. Strawberries

Any of the ever-bearing or June-bearing varieties work well in containers, so long as they have about 6 hours of sunlight. One of the favorite varieties of indoor gardeners is the Alpine strawberry. If you are keeping them strictly indoors, you can plant any time of the year. If you are planting outdoors, it’s best to plant them in the early spring if you get cold winters, or in …

10 Simple Soil Tests


How to be sure the soil is healthy and ready for your organic seeds!

Getting the most out of your organic produce starts with having the best soil. The good news is that there are 5 different soil tests that you can do with items found around your house to test the quality of your soil. While sending out soil samples to a lab for experts to analyze may give you the most accurate results as far as chemical makeup goes, they are often impractical for the average gardener.…

7 Tricks to Getting the Most Out of Your Garden

Here are same organic tips and tricks to get the most out of your planting space.

If you’re like most people, you want to maximize the potential of your garden. The good news is that there are a number of organic ways to get hundreds of pounds of tomatoes from a 4 foot by 25 foot bed and much, much more. The following tricks come from organic gardeners who have learned the tricks to getting the most out of every square foot of your garden space.…

Free Vegetable Gardens in L.A.

Rather than going to the grocery store to pay a high price for quality produce, residents of L.A. can now simply walk out to that strip of earth between the sidewalk and the road.

Image 1: Lush greenery shades the street on Ron Finley’s parkway in South L.A.It all started about four years ago when Ron Finley was served an arrest warrant for planting carrots. His residence is in South Central Los Angeles, and when he got tired of traveling so far for healthy and organic foods, he decided to do grow his own. Since he was required by law …